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We are Pharmafind, a young, dynamic and focused consulting company. Our aim is to link both the US and European pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, specifically in the area of Regulatory Affairs. This is what we know, what we do and what we are good at. We are resourceful, dependable and we are growing. Our niche means that we can respond quickly and with dedication and passion to our clients’ needs.

We believe - if you believe that you can do it you are half way there.

"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence". Helen Keller

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If you would like guidance on licensing your pharmaceutical medicines in Europe and require specialist knowledge from consultants who have an extensive proficiency in this area, our consultants have helped many US clients to license their products in Europe. We would love to work with you, to simplify the process for you and for your team.


If you would like our experts to create a European regulatory filing strategy for you or to review your current plans and make suggestions to improve them, then we would love to help you to ensure the best outcome for you in Europe.


If you require additional hands-on assistance in Europe, Pharmafind can resource your regulatory needs by providing you with suitably qualified, reliable, trustworthy and capable consultants, working in-house or off-site as required.


If you are looking for assistance with your European product development programme and require input on European legislation and requirements from proof-of-concept to end stage development, our consultants are happy to consult with and travel to you.


If you need help with your product maintenance plans, our regulatory team take great pride in their work. They begin with the end in mind and are resourceful and competent at hands-on submission management and liaison with the European regulatory bodies, to maximise the chances of gaining licence approval.


If you are looking for training in European regulatory affairs, Pharmafind are very pleased to share our knowledge with you. We offer tailored training packages focusing on European best practice, so that you will feel confident about how to get your products licensed in Europe as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

European Regulatory Affairs is our Science

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