About Us

Who We Are

We are focused on becoming the number one choice for the US pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, in their choice of European regulatory resource solutions.

Pharmafind has an established network of experienced, hard-working and honest European regulatory consultants, located across Europe. Many of whom have worked in their national competent authorities and others whom have spent their careers building strong, professional relationships with the European regulatory agencies.

We pride ourselves on using the best and most talented resource solutions for our clients. We cover all aspects of European regulatory affairs, including but not limited to: European Expertise, Strategic Consulting, Regulatory Placements, Product Development, Lifecycle Management and Regulatory Training.

We are passionate about supporting you every step of the way, to make the process of licensing your pharmaceuticals in Europe as straight forward as possible, for you and for your team.

Founded in 2015 by Niamh Lawler-Turner, a fellow of TOPRA (The Organisation for Professionals in Regulatory Affairs) and a medical scientist with over 18 years experience as a regulatory professional, both in industry and consultancy, working with clients and consultants throughout Europe.

Our reputation

Niamh Lawler-Turner commenced her regulatory career in the United Kingdom in 1997 at Astra Pharmaceuticals working through the merger to AstraZeneca. Following this she moved back to her homeland of Ireland to work as a regulatory affairs consultant with an Irish startup, offering regulatory advice to clients around Europe. In 2005, Niamh became a director of the company and set up and ran it’s regulatory consultancy business, building and cementing relationships and friendships with regulatory contacts both within industry/agencies and with independent consultants throughout Europe.

In June 2009, Niamh set up Pharmafind working as a regulatory affairs and business development consultant. With great enthusiasm and a determination to grow, Niamh set up Pharmafind Limited in 2015 to offer regulatory affairs services throughout Europe. Niamh intends, with the support of her network of regulatory contacts, to make the licensing of clients’ pharmaceuticals as easy as possible for them in Europe. Niamh has a degree in Science (Biology, Chemistry and Mathematics) and a Master’s degree in Medical Science (Clinical Science, Pharmacology, Embryology and Physiology). She was invited onto the Board of TOPRA (The Organisation of Professionals in Regulatory Affairs) in 2009 and was an active board member for 4 years. In January 2016, she was awarded Fellowship of TOPRA.